Welcome to Learning Scandinavian! Learning Scandinavian is a blog and resource site for those who are learning or want to learn the languages of Northern Europe: Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish. Sometimes, Icelandic and Faroese will be thrown in for fun.

Inside these pages, you’ll find tips and methods for better learning, comparisons between these very similar languages and what makes each one unique, and musings on language, culture, and society. It’s a site dedicated to the very special region in Europe known for vikings, summer midnight sun, and equality.


Who is Aaron Ponce?

I’m Aaron, the language lover behind Learning Scandinavian. My passion for the Scandinavian languages–or Scandi-langs as I like to call them–started when I was in law school and I got to escape the monotony of my law classes by taking a Norwegian class. I was hooked!

Since then, I focused on adding Swedish and Danish to my repertoire and have developed all three. After law school, I went on to earn a PhD in sociology with a dissertation specializing in migration to Nordic Europe. The languages, cultures, and people of Scandinavia hold a special place in my heart.

Aside from the Scandinavian languages, I have a strong grounding in the Romance languages since I grew up speaking Spanish at home and studied French, Portuguese, and Italian in college. I believe that languages are the spice of life and my goal is to help people realize that learning a language opens up new worlds of understanding.

With this blog, I combine my love of languages and interest in society to show just how unique these countries on the northern edge of Europe are. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll take a look around.

juni i KĂžbenhavn